Pohutukawa Beach House

Auckland-based studio Herbst Architects recently created this wonderfully unique two story beach house located on Piha North, a northern New Zealand coastal settlement . . .

Aesop Kawaramachi Store

Kyoto based group 'torafu architects' recently finished the latest store for the australian skincare brand "Aesop". The entire shop works seamlessly with the outdoor surrounding, producing a casual but comfortable interior . . .

Vivanta by Taj

This opulent Eden-like private Indian hotel perched a little over 4,000 feet above sea level, the view looking out is breathtaking, as is the view looking in . . .

Turkey: Atatürk Airport's CIP Lounge

This lavish Turkish airport lounge is a bit over 3000m2 and can hold up to 2,000 people at one time. With services including an elegant restaurant, tea garden, library and movie theater. You may decide to skip the airplaine, after all . . .

Room for Emptiness

Room For Emptiness by Lena Hanzel crafts these wonderful handprinted tableware and textiles, with lots of them featuring vintage things she discovers and re-purposes with her unique prints.

Tiny House Series: The Port-A-Bach

This upcycled shipping container was designed by Atelierworkshop and not only is it stylish, but portable, comparably inexpensive and, crafted with the environment in mind.

House & Garden

Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa completed the 'house & garden' residence in late 2011, in Tokyo, Japan. It features stacked concrete floor slabs and transparent railings. The interior and exterior of the home is dominated by green scenery and flora, giving the home the appearance of the ultimate vertical garden.